Calling all climbing newbies! Let us take you under our wing and introduce you to the wonderful world of climbing. In this small group setting, we will scratch the surface of basic technique you need to get you off the ground and up the wall.

You will learn:
Tying-in using the figure-8 knot, safety checks and commands, correct belaying skills following industry standards, climbing terminology,  gym etiquette, and basic efficient climbing techniques

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Non-Member $18 Day Pass

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Ready to take the next step in your climbing and acquire the skills needed to lead climb? Our instructors will guide you in mastering the skills you need to be a successful lead climber/belayer.

You will learn:
- fundamental techniques
- managing risk
- utilization of gear/systems required to lead climb and obtain gym certification.

Duration (choose one of the following)
- 1-day(4 hours)
- 2-day(2 hours per day)
- 3-day(1.5 hours per day)

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Intermediate Bouldering Technique Class

This Intermediate Bouldering Technique Class is for those interesting in stepping up their building technique. Participants should have some experience bouldering. This class will be taught by one of our very own Route Setters.

You will learn:
dynamic stretching for injury prevention, footwork/Movement, and climbing moves. It is a 2 hour, 2 part series.

Please note that this class is a Pilot Class. More classes are expected to be added to the schedule in the up coming months.

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