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Our Mission

This simple statement is the mission of our company. It permeates through everything we do, the business decisions we make, and the standard we are all called to meet in every interaction we have as Cafe Nopal employees. Loving People is a statement of inclusivity & generosity. We are inclusive to everyone no matter their belief system, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, nation of origin, age, relationship status, political affiliation, or handicapping condition. This applies to both customer & coworker. Should you feel at any time this standard is being breeched please notify management immediately. It is our of utmost importance and a great value to Cafe Nopal to create a safe, enjoyable, and professional space for customers and coworkers alike. To make sure this standard is being met everyday we have the following company guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Meet our BaristasCoffee LoversCafe Nopal Family.

The baristas at Cafe Nopal all share the same passion of making a remarkable and note worthy drink no matter what you order. 


Cafe Hours


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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