We specialize in outdoor climbing trips to Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site. We offer a wide variety of tours both public and private. We have over 50 guides who are routinely climbing at Hueco Tanks and can offer beta, support, and psych for your climbing trip. Below is a short list of the types of tours we offer and what you can expect from a given tour. If you are looking for climbing trips to other destinations please visit our calendar for upcoming tours to other destinations.

By requesting this tour you agree to pay full price for the tour once a guide claims the tour whether you decide to go out with our guide. You also agree to pay a cancellation fee if the tour is posted on our website for more than 48 hours. These fees are due to the fact that we have a full time staff member working towards booking you a guide and also in part due to the fact that a guide loses out on a full day of work if clients cancel on them unexpectedly. If you have any questions about your request don't hesitate to reach out to us by replying to this email.

Tour Type Tour Style General Description Max Clients Base Cost Per Person Cost
Bouldering Public This is a standard back country tour of Hueco Tanks. A tour usually consists of a full day of bouldering with a guide to any of the three Guide Only parts of the park (East Mountain, West Mountain, East Spur). You can expect to be out all day with no facilities so bring enough food and water for a full day outing. The client who requests the tour is the primary client and gets to determine the first destination/problem/mountain for the tour. After that the guide will accommodate all requests accordingly. 10 $0 $25
Bouldering Private This is a private bouldering tour of Hueco Tanks. You can expect to have a guide to yourself for you and your group. You'll be able to choose all the destinations for the day and you get to dictate the pace and time spent at each place. This is great for families and clients who don't want to stress about moving or who have direct projects/objectives that they want to complete. 10 $110 $20