Here are our publicly listed guides. Feel free to reach out to them for public or private tours:

Name Phone Number Email Description
guide image Mary Anter +14407259047 Hueco is my favorite place to climb and after spending a few season managing the Hueco Hacienda I knew that one day I would call the valley home. I have been visiting Hueco since 2006 and became a guide in 2010._Rock art tours are one of my favorite ways to spend time in the park besides climbing. Now I am now a permanent resident in the Hueco Valley and work as a mobile massage therapist specializing in sports and orthopedic massage.
guide image Melissa Easton +19283588604 <3
guide image Elliot Grissom +14793050160 Wild Bill is a West Texas native who found rock climbing in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas at 16. A few years later he found Hueco and soon became a guide. Now 30 years old, WB has 14 years of climbing experience, is a certified yoga teacher, former Army Special Operations Medic, and a Hueco veteran. Get out with WB and a have fun, safe day of pushing your mind and body while soaking in the good vibes of this holy desert oasis.
guide image Gustavo Moser +14803437398 Born in Caracas, Venezuela. I started climbing in 1997, and since then, climbing has been an intricate part of my life. My first visit to Hueco was in 2001, and I became a guide in 2009. The joy and beauty of climbing at Hueco compelled me to take on photography, a practice that I hold dear to my heart (lots of my pictures can be found on the guidebook :)). At the park, I have established many boulder problems from V0 to V7. After traveling to many places around the world and visiting some of the most famous and obscure bouldering locations, I can confidently say that here, in El Paso, Texas, we are lucky enough to have the greatest bouldering area in the world. It is a privilege and joy to be a host and steward of this majestic and sacred place. I love taking new people out. It is always a good day in Hueco Tanks. @gasphoton
guide image Daniel Setiawan +15125775545 Dallas born Texas native, I've been climbing since 2000 and first came to Hueco Tanks in 2004. I have travelled the world to climb and haven't found a place with better bounders than Hueco. Psyched to share this special place with climbers of any skill level.

Here are our unlisted guides. Call 915-308-7210 or email to request any of the following guides:

Name Description
guide image Albert Alvarez Albert is a proud El Paso native with a passion for rock climbing. He's always willing to get outdoors and climb with people of all skill levels. If you're looking for an experienced guide that will make your experience at Hueco Tanks unforgettable, Albert will not let you down!
guide image Dan Carter Originally from Tennessee, I have been living in New Mexico for the last 11 years. I dabbled in climbing on the sandstone of the southeast but New Mexico/Hueco Tanks is where I began to climbing in earnest. I have been climbing at Hueco Tanks for 10 years. I enjoy all types of rock climbing: bouldering, sport, trad, multi-pitch, adventure, Organeering. I also have extensive experience in backpacking, trail running, hiking, mountain biking, and bikepacking. I just enjoy being outside and exploring the desert and mountains. I have training as an AMGA single pitch instructor, Hueco Tanks Bouldering Guide, WFA, and EMT Basic.
guide image John-Paul Cashiola JP is from Houston, TX and has been climbing for 17 years. JP first cane to Hueco when he was 16. JP loves sport climbing, bouldering, and doing big walls. He has spent over 10 seasons climbing in Northern Mexico and lived in Monterrey, MX for 3 years guiding and establishing new routes. JP also spent 6 years growing apples in Upstate New York outside of the Adirondack Park managing an apple orchard. JP has put up first ascents all over North America, largely in Potrero Chico and the Monterrey area. Sponsored by Camp USA and working for Send Climbing in Hueco. You can also find JP helping to take care of the Hueco Rock Ranch.
guide image Louie Contreras None
guide image Jacob Garza None
guide image John Godfrey None
guide image Robert Hardage None
guide image Abel Harding None
guide image Jacob Kruse None
guide image Gregory Locker Gregory started climbing in 2000 and has been climbing in Hueco since 2004. For over ten years, Gregory has worked as a climbing coach and guide in North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Colorado. Gregory lives in Colorado with his family and comes down to Hueco whenever possible to climb and help others experience and appreciate one of the best bouldering areas in the world.
guide image Joseph McDaniel None
guide image Ryan Peraita
guide image Tony Profeta None
guide image Samuel Reyes El Paso native Samuel Reyes has been climbing and guiding at Hueco Tanks for the past eight years. Calling Hueco his home crag Sammyboy spends most of the year climbing at Hueco. Having years of experience in guiding with Fort Bliss Outdoor Recreation Sammy has guiding all levels of climbing tours at Hueco Tanks and other location. 31 years of age Samuel has climbed many of the classic boulder problems at hueco and claiming v10 as a high point in his career. His passion for bouldering and hueco make him a great choice for any level of bouldering tour.
guide image Michael Rosenbaum Michael likes rock climbing.
guide image Kathryn West None
guide image Anthea Yur Anthea is a seasonal climbing guide from Minneapolis, MN and has been coming to Hueco Tanks since 2017. Hueco Tanks has been her favorite American bouldering location with its powerful movements and diverse array of features. Inspired by her experience as a Bouldering Project setter, Anthea enjoys directing her tours around finding boulders that will inspire others and compliment their climbing style.